SURC: Gaffe in the Painting

Kumari meets a claimed boy.

Gonorrhea 101

Identifying, preventing, and treating this STI.

Interview With A Millennial Sex Worker

Working as a sexual provider in the wake of SESTA/FOSTA.

When My Mother Found My Sex Toys

She told me my sex should be more "normal."

Planned Parenthood

The facts and the controversy.

Burned By A Woman

Navigating bisexuality gender preference.

My Birth Control Implant

I started noticing weird symptoms.

Pop Music Was My Sex Ed

The Hot 100 taught me about sex when no one else would.

Measuring Masculinity

What happens when fraternity brothers equate manhood with body count.

Herpes 101

What it is and how to prevent/treat it.

Who Is Brett Kavanaugh?

What you need to know about the Supreme Court nominee.

Stop Pretending That Bi+ Women Exist For You

Bisexual individuals face unique discrimination from all sides.

Anal 101

A guide to trying anal sex for the first time.

STI Stigma

How misinformed prejudices are increasing STI rates.

Cherry Popping

The mistold story of the hymen.

Why I Lie

Growing up sexually active in a Muslim household.

New York City’s Most Famous Top

Meet Rembrandt Duran, the man behind the "extra medium" dick.

Why I Shame Tops On Instagram

Addressing gay sexual inequity with memes.

My Partner Watches Porn

And how that makes me feel.

Ava Answers: Sex Addiction

Does it actually exist?

What Happened Last Night?

When “yes” becomes an excuse.

My First Time In A Janitor’s Closet

What no one taught me in sex-ed.

Prude Or Slut?

Society's fine line.

DoubleTap: Eromatica

7 questions with artists we love.

How Sex Changed My Body Image

Claiming my sexuality helped me claim my figure.

What Does Consent Look Like?

An artistic study of how consent is performed within established relationships.

Do It Yourself

Closing the pleasure gap.

Non-Starters And Not-Quite-Exes

Getting over someone you were never technically "with."

Ava Answers: A Touchy Subject

The science of masturbation.

Mom And Dad, Let’s Talk About Sex

Education lies beyond the awkward.

Fault In Your Stars

What your zodiac says about your sexual habits.

Cum First

The importance of female orgasms in hetero relationships.

Ava Answers: Survival Of The Fittest (Bush)

Evolutionary theory behind female pubic hair.

How To Have An Orgasm (in Five Stories)

Vaginal climax tips from experience.

Catholic Sexual Suppression

How the church's silence set back my sexual development.

Is Grindr A Subculture?

Spilling the T on the largest gay "networking" app.

Orgasm Equality

Your climax is worth fighting for.

A (W)hole New World

Purchasing my first vibrator.

Top Privilege

How sexual dynamics spill beyond the bedroom.

Why I Chose Not To Report My Rape

You are not entitled to every survivor's story.

Tips On How To Talk To Your Queer Friends About Sex

You could be alienating your friends without knowing it.

Losing What?

Examining the rhetoric we use when discussing virginity.

Intro To BDSM Toys

Not a trip to your local hardware store.

The Blue Lie

What your dorm adviser won't tell you.

Not In The Mood

Not all time can be sexy time.

Saving Myself For Marriage

My decision.

Am I Asexual?

It can be a sexual orientation, not a sexual dysfunction.

Save An Uber, Ride A Cowboy: Human Fleshlight

Riley has a one-sided encounter.


Deconstructing 5 common sex myths.

Pegging: Where Straight Folk Dare To Tread

Flipping ingrained gender roles.

Mom And Dad Were Dirty Sluts, Too

Debunking the myth of millennial hook-up culture.

Save An Uber, Ride A Cowboy: Trip To The Frat House

Riley tastes straight.

Things To Remember During Sex

Sex goes beyond intercourse.


In the 50s and 60s blow was slang for ejaculate. Aka the blow job.

Have Safer Sex

You owe it to yourself.

How To Properly Use A Condom

97% effective when used correctly.

Right Age To Start Having Sex

When should you lose it.

Hooking Up With People Of The Same Friend Group

Taking ownership of YOUR sex life.

Loose and Tight Vaginas

The myth.

Am I Ready To Have Sex?

A checklist.

IUD insertion/ removal


What you need to know.

Benefits Of Masturbating

Let's face it, we all do it.

Anal Sex

How to do it so it doesn't hurt.

Urinary Tract Infection

How to deal with them.

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginas are self-cleaning.

Yeast Infections

What they are and how to cure them.

You Have The Power To Choose A Healthy Sex Life

Sex should ALWAYS be enjoyable.

Blue Balls

The science behind them.

Why Doesn’t My Vagina Look Like A Pornstar’s?

Vagina's should be "diverse" not "normal."


The most common sexual experience.

Bacterial Vaginosis

The most common vaginal infection.

Sex Ed Importance

Sex is more than physical intercourse