The Killer And A Sweet Thang website is a firsthand account of how millennials love and live in an ever-changing digital landscape. Here, we write about sex and all the other things we are told not to talk about, but desperately need to know. We believe everyone can benefit from inclusive, comprehensive sex education, and want to help you resist the forces that tell you to feel ashamed of your bodies and desires.

Our diverse group of writers is reflective of our hope that readers of every gender, sexual, racial and socioeconomic identity will find stories that resonate with their lives. KAAST contributors write from personal experience about the growing pains of holding intersectional identities in the 21st century. We cover topics such as Sex, Love, Health, Identity and Social Media, and purposefully omit Fashion and Beauty. We will never tell you what to wear or what to buy. Our goal is to help guide you through coming-of-age issues like heartbreak, birth control and STI disclosure with personal stories and research-based information.

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