Let’s admit it, older generations just don’t understand what it’s like growing up in the digital age. This blog is a firsthand account of how social media and the world we live in is changing our interactions, our self-esteem, and our sex! It was created as a space on the internet to read about issues and topics, that we may not feel comfortable talking to adults about.

This site is comprised of writing from an array of promising writers.  The importance of having contributors from different backgrounds is that each piece will resonate with the reader differently. We have writers from all genders, races, sexualities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The inspiration behind this diversity is to make sure this site can serve as a place where you can come to read personal stories and ask questions about topics that adults may not understand or issues they didn’t have to go through. And to make sure you get your questions answered, no matter who you are.

This site is a result of growing up in the 21st century. We live in a fast-paced time. The point of this blog is not to demonize social media, but rather to understand that it is here to stay, and to question how we can make it a bit more positive. The site addresses many topics, ranging from sex, to love, to Health. There are also interviews with people who I seek to humanize, primarily through asking them questions they may normally not get asked.

Fashion and beauty were purposely omitted from the site, but instead we chose to shed light on issues that aren’t given the same coverage in the media. Things such as sex, love, heartbreak, and all things related to growing up. Being a young adult, and living in this era, I understand what the Internet is doing to me and those around me. We live in a society where the things that are the most prevalent and amplified in the media, tend to be the most surface-level. We want to spread awareness to more profound issues, such as sex education, feminism, and the importance of being emotionally in touch and in tune. Thus, we hope that this becomes more than just a blog or a site, but instead the start of a community.

The information presented is a collaboration of every writer’s personal experiences and growing pains.  A cohesive, put together site to find answers on questions ranging from yeast infections to heartbreak. We live in a culture that is run by big businesses that only seek for us to spend, and confuse us with misinformation. They teach us to hate our bodies, and thrive off of our disease.

We believe in natural, holistic methods for dealing with health issues– the very teaching that is lacking in our education programs.  With nothing to gain, this blog is not about making money. There is no hidden agenda. We are simply angry that we grew up in a society where we had to figure this shit out on our own, and inspire to make sure that you don’t have to. We will continue to write about the things we are told not to talk about, but the very same things that we need to know. So out of love to anyone who is growing up, who may be a little lost, as we once were… this one’s for you! <3