Eileen Kelly

Eileen Kelly


Eileen created this platform for her younger self and peers. She wanted to create a space on the internet where people can come to ask questions and talk about things, the media doesn’t touch on, focusing primarily on sex education. She grew up attending Catholic school and experienced firsthand the negative effects of a lack of sex education. This is her vision even though she’s the first one to tell you, she can’t do it alone and that’s where the team comes in.


adham foda

adam foda

Web Developer

Adam is from Long Island and went to NYU. We met through a mutual friend. He is the man behind the mechanics of the site. He built it from the ground up and is extremely talented. Can barely understand anything he’s saying when it comes to coding, This site could not happen without him and we are very happy to have him on the team.

Bryan Rivera

Bryan Rivera

Graphic Designer

The man behind killerandasweetthang’s design. We met through a mutual friend and with him and Adam, we were able to create this project together.  He lives in NY. Bryan has the eye that I don’t and will tell me what looks good and what doesn’t.


Layla Alter

Project Manager

Layla is the behind the scenes girl. She was born and raised in NYC and went to school in Florida. Her communication major allowed her to have the freedom to focus her work on issues that she feels most passionate about such as, masculinity, sexuality, media’s effects on society and of course – Sex Education. As she gained awareness of the lack of education and qualms about communication on sex related subjects her peers had, she grew increasingly eager to educate and open up a conversation about sex and sexual health she feels is necessary in our society. She runs the In the Know page, does our events, coordinates the pdf and workshops. The growth of killerandasweetthang would not be possible without her.


Jillian Matluck

Administrative Assistant

Jillian is from Westchester but comes into the city for work. She will be attending NYU in the fall. She started out as our intern and then quickly joined the team full time. She helps with the blog and I usually run things by her. She’s my right hand woman for helping with the little things that keep the site moving swiftly. She is very passionate about Sex Ed and feminism, growing up with a mom who was involved with it working with Planned Parenthood, so she has a lot of insight into what we’re doing. We are like a big family at this point.


Rachel Schwartz


Rachel is our main editor and guidebook writer. She does her best to make sure our content is inclusive, accurate and clear. She is an artist and dancer who enjoys cooking, subverting gender norms and dismantling the patriarchy. Rachel grew up in LA with her lesbian moms and learned how to spot and call out homophobia and sexism from a young age. She is currently a junior at Princeton University.