Eileen Kelly

Founder & GirlBoss

Eileen created this platform for her younger self and peers. She wanted to carve out an online space where people can come to ask questions and talk about things the media doesn’t normally cover. She grew up attending Catholic school and experienced firsthand the negative effects of lacking a proper sex education. This is her vision, even though she’s the first one to tell you that she can’t do it alone — that’s where the team comes in.

Adham Foda


Adham is the coder behind KAAST. He built our site from the ground up, and has continued to manage the technical aspects of our growth. Adam hails from Long Island and attended NYU.

Jacob Seferian

Editorial Director

Jacob is a Brooklyn-based journalist. Primarily focused on the relationship between culture and identity, his writing has appeared in over 13 publications. In his spare time, he enjoys dancing to Donna Summer.

Briana Scripture

Graphic Design

Bri is a creative and designer, with a passion for starting conversations surrounding vulnerability, mental health; the “taboo.” In addition to KAAST, she continuously explores personal projects in relation to intimacy and introspection.

Bryan Rivera

Web Design

Bryan specializes in web and graphic design, and when he’s not working on content for KAAST, Bryan designs album art and merchandise. He has worked with many well-known artists, including Kanye West, Kali Uchis, Post Malone, Kehlani, Pusha T, and Vic Mensa.

Dina Veloric

Head of Merchandise

Dina identifies as a visionary — seeing the world through a refined lens and piecing together the puzzle. She tells stories through design, fashion, branding, and creating engaging experiences. Primarily working within the fashion industry, Dina captures the essence of a brand, honestly and intimately.

Ciarra Davison


Ciarra is currently a fourth-year English student at UCLA. She is interested in learning and writing about the intersections of politics and the policing of women’s bodies. Originally from New Jersey, Ciarra spends her free time surfing, talking about the Golden Girls, or making veggie tacos.

Cate Ayson


Cate is a recent college graduate trying to keep creative in the corporate world. She is your typical Bay Area girl, fueled by boba and coffee shops. Cate has loved to write since a very young age and gives a lot of credits her writing with helping her make it through college. As a first generation Filipina-American, she praises her older sisters for teaching her everything a classroom couldn't. Catch her in a coffee shop looking at dog pages on Instagram or online shopping.

Nate Burdette


Nate is a writer and proofer interested in music and books. He’s committed to creating space for others to be themselves, including the freedom to embrace their sexuality. He admires people who leave room in their stories for the versions of themselves they’ve outgrown. In his downtime, Nate likes to sew with his wife, Sara.

Stella Ramos


Stella is a Religious Studies major at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA. She writes and edits for her college publication The Occidental, and is a big fan of all things written and verbal: journaling, discussions, and poetry. Originally from Seattle, Stella credits her amazing mom for providing an open and communicative dialogue growing up around sex, life, and love. She spends her free time dancing, re-watching Parks and Rec., and ignoring her lactose intolerance.

Landon Wilson


Landon is a first year Communication Studies student at The University of Texas at Austin. She hopes to minor in English, as well. She loves writing, editing, and reading articles. Landon is originally from Dallas, where her home comprises of her parents, her older sister, and her dog, Mimi. She often works on personal writing projects and loves to spend time with her new college friends.

Ally Shap


Ally is currently a student at McGill University. She is pursuing a major in English Literature and a minor in Cultural Studies.

Cienna Fernandez


Cienna is a New York based freelancer working in the fields of journalism, graphic design, and web design. Although her busy work schedule demands her attention the entire week and into the weekend, she never forgets to replenish herself on “C-bear Sunday’s,” a day set aside for self care and self love.

Emma Olsson


Emma is a journalism and politics student in Glasgow, Scotland. Her written and editorial work focuses on social issues, sexual health, and movies. In her free time, she enjoys Joni Mitchell and watching cheesy horrors films with friends.

Helen Nguyen

Social Media Intern

Helen is a writer based in Philadelphia and currently attends Temple University pursuing a B.A. in English Literature. She has formerly held a position in the education department of the Barnes Foundation, and is currently an assistant at the Fabric Workshop and Museum and a contributing writer for Mind Fray. She spends her spare time exploring millennial dating, screaming about pop culture, and trying to perfect homemade dumplings.

Madison Newell

Editorial Intern

Madison was one of KAAST’s first writers. She currently attends Boston University, where she’s majoring in Psychology with a minor in Spanish.

Roni Bowen

Editorial Intern

Roni Bowen currently lives in Seattle where she studies biology and interdisciplinary visual arts at University of Washington. She’s interested in the intersection between art and science, and is looking towards a career in art therapy. In her free time she enjoys laying in the sun, playing guitar, and eating pickles.

Sophie Winkel

Editorial Intern

Sophie is a Biology student at the University of California Santa Barbara. She found her passion for sex education after taking a Human Sexuality course her freshman year. She now works as a writer and editor for the Sociology Department's sex education website, SexInfoOnline. Sophie works for the editorial team, helping out with transcribing interviews, as well as writing content for the site.

Jessica Pusateri

Content Intern

Jess is currently studying Advertising and Marketing Communications at FIT and minors in Women and Gender Studies. Her interest in sex education stems from her lack thereof in high school, and a desire to address injustices for women and other marginalized groups of people.

Jasmine Holland

Content Intern

Jasmine is a third year Culture and Media student at Eugene Lang College. She is fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends and family that promote diversity and progressive thinking at all times. She is a self-proclaimed feminist and southern belle who loves anything fried, as long as it is paired with a glass of wine and an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.